Design Process

Design Trends

Due to the nature of the project and the diversity of the target audience we’d propose a responsive design (fluid grid) this would allow the content to adapt across the huge array of different devices, screen sizes and resolutions. Using a responsive workflow would provide a more immersive experience where content could be updated without any restrictions; that is, content would not be restricted to a fixed height and width. Instead the copy would reflow, resize and adjust depending on device. These considerations would allow for a better user experience catering for the multi-screen world, for instance those accessing the site on a smartphone with a 4 inch (diagonal) screen would require a very different website to those using a 50 inch Smart TV.
We are not interested in micro-trends that come and go quickly. Instead, we look at the longevity of a proposed design solution and make sure that it follows macro-trends, so that it meets the needs of current and future user groups rather than merely being well-executed eye candy.

Important design trends to include;

  • Infographics
  • Responsive Design
  • Animated GIFs
Data Visualisation would be presented using infographics – which are a more eye-catching approach than merely using simple pie charts and graphs. Infographics help build your brand and are an ideal way of disseminating large amounts of information to the public. Interactive elements such as video and animations would be created using HTML, JavaScript or gif format rather than being Flash-based so they work across all browsers without having to download the latest plugins.

Visual Identity

To maintain visual consistency our creative team would produce corporate brand guidelines and resources. Retrofitting the logo guidelines to include other brand assets such as
  • Photography System
  • Type Specifications and Rules
  • Colour Palette
  • Online Communications
  • Printed Communications
  • Tone of Voice

Accessible Website

Throughout the design and development process, Double AA WCAG standards will be taken into consideration both aesthetically and technically (e.g. visually impaired for font sizes and colours, blind access using screen readers, keyboard friendly for physically impaired) Once the website is nearing completion, a full series of AA checks will be made and integration of Browsealoud tested.

Optimised Site for Performance and Support

File sizes of pages, images and supporting documents will be reduced to ensure satisfactory web speeds. In addition, the number of hits required for use of external stylesheets and scripts will be considered. Also, scripts will be optimised where possible to enhance performance. Form fields will have suitable validation and labels, with the user experience being considered during development, including adopting some of the latest popular User Interfaces (e.g. JQuery UI). Spam will be minimised via use of captcha, hidden fields and built-in IP blocking of known spam-bots.
Forms fields will have suitable validation and labels, with the user experience being considered during development, including adopting some of the latest popular UI (e.g. JQuery UI)






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