Our Creative Process

Our creative approach is based on a tried and tested process used within the creative industry to guarantee effective results.

  • Define – Firstly, we begin by finding out what the problem is, clearly identifying the issue faced in the project.
  • Research – We identify target demographics through qualitative and quantitative research. Mood boards are produced to ascertain aesthetic style.

  • Idea Development – We use a combination of techniques for creative thinking to manifest itself; techniques such as team brainstorming using cue cards, independent contemplation and thought-provoking questions such as ‘if this is, why, what if…?’ to generate clever or amusing ideas.

  • Selection – We present a few alternative design solutions to the client with our reasoning and the benefits behind each concept.

  • Refine – Once the preferred design has been agreed upon by the design team then begin to implement any amendments and improvements required.

Our Approach

Initial Meeting:

  • Client need understanding
  • Define the Brief
  • Project requirements mapped out (MOSCOW)
  • Quotation Prepared
  • Signing of Contract

Creation of a Project Plan

  • Audience Questions
  • Basic Business Questions
  • Brainstorming
  • Design Direction
  • Information Gathering
  • Inspiration and References
  • Research
  • Website Questions

Our Design and Development

  • Sketching
  • Style Tiles (Elemental Collage)
  • Wireframe plus Responsive Framework
  • Prototype
  • Design sign-off

Delivery of Products and Services

Once underway, as each deliverable is identified in the marketing campaign, they become briefs that we interpret in partnership and take ownership on monitoring and delivering in a timely manner, according to the project plan.

For each brief, in accordance with in the specification, we:

  • Develop design concepts (including ad hoc and printed material) across all suitable media channels, for the demographic groups identified in target audience scoping.
  • Take lead on design, development and distribution of ideas, from website, portal, leaflets, posters, events, etc.
  • Assist with finding local suppliers where possible for areas including photography and videography.
  • Take lead on direction and management of brief, ensuring overall marketing plan is updated, risk register is maintained and KPIs are recorded.
  • Provide typesetting, proofing and pagination of all materials required.
  • Work in partnership with a copywriter to ensure we address editorial requirements for the website; including SEO maintenance.
  • Take ownership of the production of tangible assets including; printed materials, sound, stock imagery, videos, and digital media, optimised for the channel.
  • Undertake effort to ensure distribution of materials, including both electronic and physical delivery.
  • Record and collate KPIs, throughout the lifecycle of the brief, against a master to inform on ROIs.


During development Firefox’s Firebug and other Web Developer Tools will ensure that the website is adhering to W3C standards, including AA, during build.

Before final rollout an extensive test plan will go through testing the entire website in following ways:

  • AA Accessibility (Cynthia checks)
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility (checking pages in IE8+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox on PC and MAC)
  • Link Checks
  • Mobile Checking (ensuring site functions on iOS and Android based mobiles using responsive and adaptive design and coding
  • Security checks (ensuring secure zones are working)
  • SEO checks
  • Speed






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