One of the key aspects of creating a website that is often overlooked is copywriting – creating the text that will appear on your websites to describe your business, services and products or to provide additional information to your customers. Your website’s text is just as important as any photographs, images, graphics and colour schemes and is a key component of search engine optimisation.

Taking on a full-time member of staff to deal with your blogging, news updates, social media copywriting and other ongoing copywriting can be remedied by hiring the E-Strands team to take on the copywriting for your business. Writing your own copy can be both time-consuming and difficult if you lack confidence when it comes to writing. Our team are highly skilled at writing appropriate text for a wide variety of different topics, industries and formats.


When designing a website, the text is just as important as the graphics, images, and colour schemes. Whether you have some ideas noted down or simply have an idea floating around in your head, copywriting is all about getting your ideas down onto a document. Text we have written for you and your business will become your intellectual property and you are free to use it on your website and on any printed materials such as leaflets, banners and folder packs. Copywriting is the collective term for writing for websites and printed materials and encumbers all of the other services listed below.

SEO Copywriting

Search engine optimisation is a technique that can be incorporated within copywriting and is used to ensure that your website is placed high on search engine results. Using keywords and key phrases you want your website to be related with, when writing and drafting the copy for your website, we run the text through SEO checking tools to ensure your website is optimised. Once your website is live, we can also perform weekly checks to monitor your website’s place on the top four search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.


If you have written your own copy for your website, it pays to have another pair of eyes check over your work – continually reading and re-reading the same text, if you miss an error or mistake once, you are likely to miss it every single time afterwards. Our copywriting team all have an eye for detail and will proofread your work to ensure you have not made any accidental spelling or grammar mistakes and that your text is fit for purpose.


Copyediting is a step-up from proofreading; it includes all of the services we provide when proofreading, but if authorised to copyedit your text, we will do our best to improve the formatting, style and accuracy of the text and may adjust the spacing, sentence structure and/or length to improve the overall readability of the text – which is an important component of search engine optimisation.


Blogging can easily be incorporated with search engine optimisation and social media and can be used to keep visitors flocking to your website to read your latest posts and updates. Blogs and news articles are most effective when posted on a regular basis, (i.e. once a week, fortnight or month) and are promoted through social media websites. They can also include links to your other webpages, websites or related webpages to add backlinks to your search engine optimisation routine. Our team can post interesting articles and posts to your company blog and simultaneously perform the search engine optimisation and posts to social media sites. Check our E-Strands blog for examples of what we can do for you.

Copywriting for Social Media

When using social media to promote your business, it is not as simple as updating your personal Facebook page or tweeting a message to a celebrity – the companies who use social media to its full potential put a lot of thought into what they post into the public domain. While social media sites have a generally less formal tone, it is still imperative to maintain your company’s image and avoid the many social media blunders that large businesses often fall victim to.









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